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Photos App is Opening Slowly in Windows 10

The Photos app (formerly known as Windows Photo Viewer) comes with a built-in install in Windows 10 that helps you view photos. When I upgraded my system to Windows 10, it took me a long time to open the Photos app on my system. 

Photos App is Opening Slowly in Windows 10

My system had all the updates, drivers, software all up-to-date and all the software is opening immediately but except the Photos app. It took 30 seconds for a light bean to open JPG, which was unbearable.

After further changes and improvements to Windows Photo Viewer, Microsoft removed Windows Photo Viewer and brought the Photos app to Windows.

One drive feature has been added to secure all the images of your system. All your images saved in one drive can be viewed in the Photos app and uploaded to OneDrive.

Let's get back to the point that I had a problem with the photos app being slow for a long time and I was very worried about this problem. I read a lot of solutions on the internet and tried them on my system but I did not get any specific results.

But then something happened that solved my problem and in this post, I am going to tell you 3 methods that can solve your problem.

1. Reinstall Your Windows

We think that our system is working properly but due to internal glitches in the operating system such problems start appearing and which are very painful for us.

We are using the internet on our computer on a daily basis or we are installing some software in the system which is installed properly but then it also causes some glitches in the operating system.

If you are a computer expert then it will be very easy for you to find and solve the problem but for the normal user, it will be very difficult to solve the problem.

For this reason, I will advise on this issue that if you know how to install Windows, you should reinstall Windows in your system, If you do not know how to install Windows then you should contact a computer expert and get Windows installed properly.

2. Disable Unnecessary Settings to Tweak Up

Open Photos, Go to Settings.

Photos App

Scroll down and you see the People section, Disable the option.

Photos App

Now, scroll down again and you see the Video, Notifications, and Indexing section, disable all if they are enabled.

Photos App

These settings are useless if you haven't high-end PC specifications.

3. Upgrade your Computer RAM

RAM is the most important part of a computer. Any software we run is stored in RAM before its output. If your system RAM is 2 GB or 4GB, then you desperately need to increase the RAM. 

Random Access Memory
Image by Harrison Broadbent via Unsplash Copyright-free

As new changes are being made in the software to improve the software, so the use of RAM is also increasing, so you need more RAM now. If you want your system to run smoothly and you also do graphics work then 4 GB RAM is less for you.

My own problem was also due to RAM, as soon as I upgraded the RAM, the Photos app started opening photos faster. 

I tried many solutions but did not get any specific result, but this third method solved my problem.

If your problem has been solved with my given solutions, please let me know, I will be happy and if your problem is still not solved, let me know in the comments, I will definitely try to solve it.

FAQ: Photos App is Opening Slowly in Windows 10

Q1. How do I make Photos open faster in Windows 10?

Ans. Usually, RAM creates problems, lack of RAM causes cloud software to slow to run.

Q2. Why is Windows 10 so slow to open Photos?

Ans. If there is a problem with slowing down even after installing fresh windows, then there is usually a problem with RAM.

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