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3 Best Ways to Install MSI Motherboard Drivers without CD

Having a updated drivers on your computer is good for system performance. But if your PC hasn't a CD Drive So no problem, I will tell you 3 best ways to install MSI motherboard driver without CD.

3 Best Ways to Install MSI Motherboard Drivers without CD
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Installing a driver is a bit confusing but not difficult. Whenever computer hardware arrives, it does come with a driver's CD, but there are many newer systems that do not come with a CD drive, especially in laptops.

Why CD-Drives are not anymore?

In the old days we saw a lot of use of floppy drives but its era is over and they are all imprisoned in a museum, then the era of CD-drives came, CDs were seen everywhere, then gradually that era is almost over.

Now the age of internet is going on and internet has made it so easy for us that we can easily download anything from internet to computer.

So that's why we can say that the era of CD drives is over now, that's why new systems no longer have built-in CD drives.

How do I Install MSI Motherboard Drivers without CD?

MSI motherboard is also installed in my own system, but it is a bit old and I had a lot of trouble finding its drivers in the beginning, but I have found a very good solution and also from you I'm going to share.

1. Using Windows Update

Windows Update is a built-in utility that fixes all the missing files in the computer and all the software errors through updates. Windows Update keeps you up to date with all kinds of windows issues, security issues, bugs and outdated softwares and drivers, which makes system performance much better.

If you want your PC to do everything automatically, I would advise you to do all this work using Windows Update. If you do not know what Windows Update is and how it works, you may also read this post what is Windows Updates and why it is important.

Windows Update

2. Using Automatic Driver Updater Software

Most people install drivers in their system using driver updater software after installing Windows. The advantage of this software is that it saves you time and effort and those who have slow internet will get a lot of help from these softwares.

There is a lot of software that runs offline which means you have to download it first then use it. There are some software that work online which means it first checks which drivers are not in your system or is outdated then download it from internet and installs it in PC.

This is the great softwares that the whole world loves and I've used myself:

If you are still worried about how to install drivers in MSI motherboard and do not understand the first solution then I will tell you to try this solution.

3. Download Drivers from MSI official website

Each motherboard manufacturer provides a portal on their website to support users, on which the user can ask any question related to the motherboard or any kind of help on this portal. The manufacturer also provides a service to download computer drivers on its website. You can find all these features on the manufacturer's website under the section Support Center.

You can also download motherboard drivers on the manufacturer's website, which allows you to easily download new drivers for your system.

MSI Official Website


I have provided you a 3 best ways to Install MSI motherboard drivers without CD, I hope this article will be helpful for you.

Installing drivers is easy, you just have to figure out which manufacturer's drivers are in your system. There are many more ways to install drivers but the methods I have shown you are the ones I have tried and I install the drivers with these methods.

But still, if I have anything left, you must share it with me and in the comments, you must tell me how this article felt and whether your issue has been resolved or not.

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