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How to Fix Bad Image msvcp140.dll "0xc0000020" Error?

When I opened Microsoft Word, it crashed in my system and the system prompts message "BAD IMAGE", then Microsoft Word did not run. Then I restarted my system and it still didn't make any difference.

How to Fix Bad Image msvcp140.dll "0xc0000020" Error?

As you can see in the image below, this issue explains MSVCP140.dll is corrupt. This is why the problem is created this error "Bad Image, Error status 0xc0000020".

Bad Image, Error status 0xc0000020

Bad Image Error is caused when files in Windows are damaged or corrupted. As I said, when I was opening Microsoft Word. This means that there is something wrong with the software.

Why "Bad Image, Error status 0xc0000020" are causing problems

Here are some of the reasons why this error has occurred.

  • Incomplete or Corrupt Installation of the Software.
  • Malware or Virus Infection.
  • Corrupt DLL files.

Fix Bad Image MSVCP140.dll Error

I will tell you 2 solutions to this problem which you can easily solve this problem:

1. Update or Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

Programs that are created with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio, when they requires supporting files and DLL files that are required to run these programs are installed in Visual C++ program. That's why there are a lot of programs that cause problems when this program is not installed in your system.

MSVCP Stands for:

  • MS = Microsoft
  • V = Visual
  • C = C++
  • P = Program

This program is absolutely free and to install this program you can go to Google and type "Visual c ++ redistributable for visual studio 2015" and then go to the first link and download it.

Visual c ++ redistributable for visual studio 2015

2. Re-Install DLL Files

If the problem is not solved yet, then come to solution 2 and in this you have to change all the DLL files in your program that are corrupted.

There are some DLL files is also installed in the programs directory, they all are installed by developer, that make the program easier to run. 

But when the software is not installed properly, the DLL files get corrupted and then have trouble running.

The easiest solution is to download DLL files from the Internet and replace them with all the DLL files in your program those are causing error.

How to Fix Bad Image msvcp140.dll "0xc0000020" Error?


I hope you now understand how to Fix Bad Image msvcp140.dll "0xc0000020" Error. This problem is simply caused by the software not being installed properly. If there is anything missing in this post, you must let me know.


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