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5 Steps to Fix a Facebook Slow Error

When you browse Facebook, but Facebook is opening slow and it takes much time to load. This error comes mostly in the desktop version.

As we have seen, Facebook is evolving day by day and its user interface is also changing with time. As technology advances, Similarly, machines that run technology also require upgrades.
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But no worries, today we will talk about it and I am going to tell you 5 steps to fix a Facebook slow error that can help you solve this problem.

What Reasons for new Facebook loads so slow?

If we look at the old Facebook interface, it was very old style and there were not so many features on Facebook at that time.

But now, Facebook has made a lot of progress and has also increased its features a lot, which puts a lot of load on Facebook's servers. But obviously, if there is such a big company, then it must have made its server very strong so that there would not be any problem.

Facebook's new layout has suddenly changed which has changed the whole look of Facebook.

The biggest problem with Facebook being slow is Javascript because Facebook works on Javascript. Javascript is a programming language used mostly in websites. This language works on 2D / 3D graphics, maps, multimedia, Html and CSS, sliders, video elements, etc on the website.

1. Increase your PC RAM and Processor

Now the problem is that most people have low-end computers in which the software does not work properly due to a lack of Processor or RAM, which is why websites also take a long time to load.

RAM Sticks
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RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary memory attached to the computer motherboard. All the software we are running in the system is first stored in RAM and then comes to the computer screen. Even the Windows we use is first stored in RAM and then opens the computer. 

That's why you need to increase the RAM in your computer. Increasing RAM will increase your internet browsing, as well as increase system performance.

2. Clear the Internet History and Cache

We visit many websites on the internet daily, all this data is saved in the Internet browser, which we find in the History tab. The internet browser saves our history because when we want to visit a website but don't remember its address, we can easily find out the address of that website by going to the history tab.

History and Cache - Google Chrome

When the computer is in our home or office, more people use this computer, so we can see which websites the other person visited and if he did something wrong on the internet, So we can see the internet history record of this person with the help of history tab.

Prolonged use of the Internet browser accumulates history and caches records, which can sometimes be a problem, making it difficult to visit and browse many websites on the Internet.

If you have been using the internet browser for a long time and you have not yet cleared your history and cache record, you must clear it as it may also cause you difficulty using Facebook.

3. Reinstall the Internet Browser

When we install any software on our computer, it is often not necessary that the software is installed correctly. The software is installed correctly but it also happens that the software crashes while running which causes problems in running the software.

Add or Remove Programs

Similarly, the internet browser is also a software that causes difficulty in browsing due to sudden crashes. The best solution is to keep your software up-to-date so that it is safe to use.

If the software is still having problems, you should reinstall the internet browser so that all the old problems are removed and the software works anew.

4. Changing DNS Server Address

The site we visit has a specific IP address with a domain name that is saved in the DNS Directory on your computer. By default, our internet router has a default DNS address set by ISP (Internet Service Provider), which sometimes causes problems on some sites.

The function of DNS Directory helps our computer to understand which IP address has a domain name? Because the data of all the sites in the DNS directory is saved in the form of an IP address, which is only understood by the computer but it is difficult for the common man to remember it. That is why the domain name has been kept for human beings' understanding so that we can easily remember the address of the website.

The default DNS makes it difficult to browse the Internet, which is why many large IT companies provide their DNS for public use, which is absolutely free. 

Google also provides its own public DNS, yes! Google also provides public DNS that you can easily use in your system.

Change DNS Server Address

If you do not know how to change the DNS address then click on the below link, in this link all steps are defined:

5. Check your Internet Speed

After all, don't forget to check your internet speed. The issue of internet speed is the most important issue, because of the slow speed, the internet browsing in your system becomes slow and we think that there is a problem with our computer.

Internet Speed
Image by Frederik Lipfert via Unsplash Copyright-free

As we have talked about, Facebook is changing over time and introducing its new features, so Facebook is getting heavier and heavier, which is why the internet is consuming more.

You can check the internet speed in your system from these websites:


These are all the reasons which cause Facebook to slow and I have mentioned 5 steps to fix a Facebook slow error, so I hope that with their help your problem will be solved.

If there is anything left in this post, you must tell me and share this post with your friends who are suffering from this problem.


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