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What is Windows Updates and Why it is Important?

Whenever you are doing something important on your computer, suddenly a message appears on your screen and it says that Windows Update has come which is very important for you, then Windows Update happens. New users are often confused about what is Windows Update is and why it is important.

Windows Updates
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When we install new windows on a computer, the computer has a lot of essential software and drivers that are not pre-installed. Windows Updates is a service in which Microsoft maintains Windows-related bugs and the necessary computer files.

Windows Update Benefits

The biggest advantage of Windows Update is that if there is any software glitch in your computer, Windows Update can easily solve your problem.

There are a lot of built-in drivers in Windows, but Computer Manufacturer offers some third-party drivers on the motherboard that are not built-in in Windows. So Windows Updates install the necessary drivers on your PC such as graphics, audio, chipsets, devices, and many of the drivers that the computer needs.

windows updates
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It is my own experience that the motherboard of my computer whose drivers I could not find on the manufacturer's website. So Windows Update automatically updated the drivers of my system to the latest version.

This saved me a lot of time searching for drivers and a lot of software that was outdated in my system and the drivers of the printers that were attached to my computer were also updated automatically.

Why Windows Updates are Important to be done regularly

Technology is evolving day by day, so Microsoft is also changing a lot in Windows and trying to improve its product.

So updating Windows is also important so that the new features that are being introduced in Windows, you can stay updated with these features and protect your computer from all kinds of problems, virus attacks.

windows updates panel

Types of Windows Updates

There are different types of Windows Updates that I have given you in separate categories below:

Critical Updates:

These are worldwide updates that address specific operating system issues but are not security-related.

Definition Updates:

Definition Database is a database that helps to identify Malicious Codes, Junk Mail, Phishing Sites. They are built into the Operating System and Definition Updates keep this database up to date.

Driver Updates:

The operating system and the devices that are attached to the computer, the drivers that are required to run, these updates help to keep these drivers up to date.

Security Updates:

These updates inform Microsoft about the issues that come up in the operating system related to security. Microsoft then makes its security path and provides it to the users.

Feature Pack Updates:

This update makes changes to Windows and these updates are sent twice a year if you are a Windows 10 user.

Monthly Rollup Updates:

You get all kinds of Windows updates throughout the month, every second Tuesday. It contains all Windows updates and malware updates.

Service Pack Updates:

Service pack updates include hotfixes, security updates, critical updates, and errors. The way you might have seen in Windows XP, Vista, 7 that regular service packs were given by major change. But now the service pack updates are completely gone.

Tool Updates:

Keep the tools and utilities installed in Windows up to date in this update.

Update Rollup:

Hotfixes, security updates, critical updates, and errors are all packed with updates that we can easily install all at once.

Full Updates:

These updates contain all the necessary updates that are given in the last time feature update.


As far as I'm concerned about Windows Update. After reading this post, you must have understood a little bit about what is Windows Update and why it is important

Sometimes Windows updates can be very annoying. Some updates are so heavy that the computer takes a long time to install. But if you keep Windows Update on your computer, you can be sure that you will benefit a lot from this Windows feature.

If you think there is something missing in this post or if you have any information about it, please contact me. I will definitely apply your opinion on my blog and I will be very happy about that.


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