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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Every time we hear about Artificial Intelligence, we think of Terminator Movie, in which robots destroy the whole world and take control of it. It's all a myth, it has nothing to do with reality. Today in this post, I will clear up your misunderstanding and tell you What is Artificial Intelligence?

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Alan Turing:

The world's first computer built during World War II (1939 - 1945) and aimed to disrupt German communication. Alan Turing was a big contributor to inventing this computer.

In the 1950s Alan Turing published a paper at a conference called "Computing Machinery and Intelligence (1950)" which stated that "CAN MACHINES THINK".

Alan Turing - Can Machines Think?

Can the machine think? So that's what Researchers still working on and looking for the answer to that question. Researchers want to create a machine that can think, understand, act and make decisions like a human.

What is Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of algorithms and sets that are designed to make decisions and work exactly like human intelligence. A man-made machine that is capable of thinking and understanding means that it has thoughts and emotions called Artificial Intelligence.

In school, we read a short introduction to Artificial Intelligence in a Computer book. In which Artificial Intelligence was called as 5th Generation of Computers and it was said that they will be robots in the future.

But this is not the case at all because Artificial Intelligence is no longer the limit of Robots.

Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science means that the Human Intelligence that is in humans is the same ability in computers, robots, or any kind of machine.

A machine that has the ability to recognize objects, think and understand, communicate with humans, work, and solve any kind of problem the way humans do is called Real Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Definition:

An intelligence that is capable of thinking, understanding, and acting the way humans do.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

All the progress we have seen so far in Artificial Intelligence has been in Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has not made any progress yet. So first we have to understand what AGI and ANI are.

There are two types of Artificial Intelligence:
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI):

Narrow Intelligence is the intelligence that allows a model, agent, or robot to perform a specific task.

Everything we are hearing today about Artificial Intelligence is that as much as Artificial Intelligence has made progress in Artificial Narrow Intelligence, there are some examples of which we will further understand Artificial Narrow Intelligence.

There are two types of Artificial Intelligence:
  • Google Search
  • Smart Speakers
  • Self-Driving Car

Google Search:

Web search or Google search is also an example of Artificial Narrow Intelligence. Every query you search on your search engine and it shows you queries related to it in minutes is called Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Speakers:

In our homes or in our offices or people who are involved in technology and mobiles have devices with which we can talk and do our work, then they perform operations. Such devices are called Smart Speakers.

Self-Driving Car:

If you look, the Self-Driving Car does different kinds of work. For example, walking on the road, identifying the location, identifying people and objects, how this is an example of Artificial Narrow Intelligence. As we have said, Narrow Intelligence is intelligence in which a model, agent, or robot, or any device performs one task intelligently.

In fact, the self-driving car has been incorporated into Narrow Intelligence because the different functions they perform are not in one model but in different models. Each type of model is attached to the Self-Driving Car to work separately and which are doing their own processing. That's why we call it Artificial Narrow Intelligence.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):

General Intelligence is the intelligence in which the same model can hear, think, understand, speak, and everything that Allah Almighty has given to man in the same model which is the brain.
Everything we see is being processed in the same brain, everything we are thinking is being processed in the same brain, everything we are saying is being processed in the same brain.

So far, the concept of Artificial General Intelligence has not been so powerful. It is a very useful thing for researchers and they are still working on it.

The real goal is Artificial General Intelligence, in which only one model can be created and implemented so that it starts behaving in a completely human-like manner. The reason is that he can process faster, which is why he will emerge as a super-human.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is part of the AI that helps to understand the machine and the way we have trained the machine, it gives the result by understanding the machine better.

There are two types of machine learning. Supervised Learning (in which the machine is provided with data with labels) and Un-supervised Learning (in which the machine is provided with data without labels).

Deep Learning:

Deep learning is a type of mission learning in which neural networks operate. In neural networks, data is provided to the machine through hidden layers so that better machine learning can be done and the machine can provide better results.

AGI Achieving Will Take Time:

AGI and ANI How much progress have been made in this so far, I have already told you that all the development, discussions, or hype that has been going on so far in Artificial Intelligence has been in Artificial Narrow Intelligence.

There has been no success in Artificial General Intelligence so far. Researchers say that it may take 100 to 200 years or even 1000 years to achieve this. Then it can be said that Artificial General Intelligence should be developed so much that one model can become such that it can perform all the functionalities.

Progress in Artificial Intelligence:

If we talk to Non-Technical Persons about Artificial Intelligence, they have a strange kind of fear in their minds that as far as we go towards Robotics or Machines, robots will dominate us, humans. Because they will think, talk, and act like us humans. But Researchers or Technical people all know that this is not going to happen yet and this fear is meaningless.

How AI Impact our Industries:

Wherever we talk about IT, Software Development, Automation, Scientific Research all over the world, today is not possible without AI. There are as many Statistical Reports as there are that tell Business and Revenue how much more Business and Revenue is going to happen in Industries through artificial intelligence.

The McKinsey Global Institute reports that by 2030, the AI industry will be worth $13 Trillion.

McKinsey Global Institute - AI Business Report

Is it the AI company that is generating all this business? No, it is not at all. This huge volume will shift towards AI and all the industries together will generate all this revenue.

Every industry will have its own role from this business whether it is Retail, Travel, Transport, Automotive, Basic Materials, Logistics, Healthcare, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Agriculture. Every department, sector, and every company will implement AI and automate its business and play its role with modern new products and it will generate all the revenue.

Artificial Intelligence will make our tasks easier, not harder. I hope all the misconceptions that are going on in your mind about Artificial Intelligence are gone.

What is Artificial Intelligence? and its types I have explained all this to you in this post and if you have gained any knowledge from this post, please let me know and you will be connected to my blog for a similar post.

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